When to Visit National Park in Congo basin

Wet, Wetter. Wettest. These are the seasons of the rainforest, but we have dry days too ! In the rainforest, rain is an essential part of the ecosystem and brings a cooling effect on balmy days.

Our big mammals do not migrate, and so they are in the area year-round. For this reason, any time of year is a wonderful time to explore the last jungles of Tarzan. Here is a general guideline based on our experience (subject to the whims of Mother Nature).

Climate Overview

A tropical climate characterised by relatively heavy precipitation, moderately high temperatures, and humidity. The camps of Odzala lie just north of the equator where the primary low-rainfall season extends from June through September, with a gentle-rain season from December through February. It starts to get hotter towards the end of March.

With temperatures rising steadily, the short heavy rains begin towards the end of April with high rainfall through May. As the temperature declines gradually, rainfall drops steadily and the long low-rainfall season settles in mid-June.

July is one of the least wet and coolest months. Temperatures stay fairly low right through August. Rainfall starts to increase again towards the middle of September and so does the temperature. September is usually the end of the low-rainfall season. The heavy-rain season often begins in October, which can be one of the most variable months of the year. Temperatures are high but cool down a bit in November, which can also get very humid. This is the typical feel right through December when the rains start to simmer down.

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